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The COM CNC spring coilers are running with servo motor driven axes. These machines are designed for production of cylindrical (compression and extension), conical springs (one side, both sides, off centre) and rings from round spring steel material almost all qualities. The machines are equipped with 2-coiling points system. They run cam-less (direct driving and direct control) for right and left coiled springs.


COM CNC are fully automatic servo controlled CNC coiling machines. The machines are designed for the production of cylindrical (compression and extension), conical springs (one side, both sides, off the centre) and rings from round spring steel material almost all qualities. Servo cutting is the latest improvement in COM series. It can be used for cutting or as external pitch tool for right and left coiled springs. This feature gives the operator the option to adapt mechanical setup and programming for fastest production.

User friendly operators panel improves machine control and reduces setup time. New features like generating new spring recipe from entered working parameters, double click safety confirmation for cutting, production manual control (digital handwheel option) add new possibilties that weren’t available with old machine interface technology. For mechanical preparation of the machine operator can use machine Manual Control with all axis and actuators available in single form.

New RealSpring software enables fast and easy machine programming. Software setup is based on spring parameters. Operator has full control over final product design. Changes log and undo option make this software user friendly for initial spring production from scratch.

Manual control has integrated many safety features for preventing the operator to enter data that can damage machine or himself: double confirm for cutting, cutting is enabled only if cutting arbour holder is on, disabling of the operating motors while machine doors are open, disabling of the feeding axis while feeding wire
is fed with pre-rollers motor and disabling of the hydraulics actuators while hydraulics is off and many more. For easy setup of spring diameter, spring pitch and machine tools there is Axis Setup form. Axis Setup allows user to easily feed, cut and tune up axis properties that affect the spring. With new designed CNC interface machine becomes closer to operator.

Diagnostic contains many spring program safety production preconditions and also machine production preconditions like hydraulics state, rollers state, cutting arbour holder state, machine door state, axis in limit state and decoiler state.

To increase the safety for the operator and get ideal process of spring coiling we developed special Production Manual Control option which allows operator to manage whole production cycle by holding one Start touch button on the screen, with double confirmation before cutting. Releasing Start button stops the production, and pressing it again continues the production from the point where it was stopped.

Production Auto gives possibility for operator to easily check main results of production cycle for each spring and hourly productivity as well as total & current quantity of made springs. Thanks to these features production planning becomes an enjoyable experience.

Machine saves home positions and last executed program in case of machine power off. This feature allows to continue immidiatly production after the restart. Saving more than 10.000 machine recipes is possible using Memory form. With advanced search engine specially designed for is easy to find and load recipe from recipe database (searching through base of 1.500 recipes under 5 seconds). There is also availability to export and import recipes to USB storage device.

Gate Manager – Remote Connection System allows remote access to the machine true the Ethernet connection for updating, testing, maintenance of the machine software and many other possibilities.

New cam less coiling system with two position controlled coiling points is designed for best spring forming results in combination with software functions. Central coiling point is not needed any more and after initial positioning of specially designed coiling points and mechanics the machine is ready for first sample production. The new two coiling point system is specially designed for convenient change from right hand to left hand coiling. Spring is formed with two controlled coiling points and its position is changed in the software manual control very fast and accurate. To reach possibility of using Coiling Point Correction System we use Hi-Tech technologies and significant experience in spring coiling process. Driven by two servo motors (additional two axes) with heavy duty precision spindle and controlled thanks to the special designed software algorithm which in sum gives ability to be on the right place and in the right moment for the best spring quality.

To enhance wire handling the wire straightener on the COM machine is equipped with additional powered pair of feeding rolls. Powered rolls are active only when new wire is fed into the machine. For good coiling results wire feeding rate has to be constant and precise. To ensure good contact between wire and feeding
rolls for complete wire range, rolls pressure is regulated through hydraulics cylinders.

S advanced model of COM CNC is available as an upgrade option with increased silicon chrome (high tensile wire) wire diameter range and increased feeding speed (each pair of feeding rolls has an own servo driving motor instead of one for all feeding rolls on the basic model). In additionally S advanced model increased cutting speed and force. Frame and whole construction design are additionally reinforced.

We are offering you also suitable newly developed vision/camera spring gage measuring system SCPC for our new COM CNC spring coiling machines. More information you can find here!

Find out more on our Vimeo page .

Additional information


10,00 mm (.394"), 12,00 mm (.472"), 13,00 mm (.512"), 14,00 mm (.551"), 16,00 mm (.630"), 18,00 mm (.709"), 20,00 mm (.787")

Wire material by tensile strength

>2.000 N/mm² / MPa, 2000 N/mm² / MPa, 1300 N/mm² / MPa, 800 N/mm² / MPa

Productivity pcs/min

01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60

Way of coiling


Type of spring

Compression, Tension

Additional information

Wire diameter acc. to. EN 10270-1 DH ph10 - 20 mm
.393" - .787"
10 - 20 mm
.393" - .787"
Max. wire diameter
(CrSi - ca. 1800 N/mm²)*
16 mm*
18 mm*
Spring OD diameter50 - 250 mm
1.969" - 9.842"
50 - 300 mm
1.969" - 11.811"
Coiling directionright / leftright / left
Max. speed of wire feeding40 m/min
131 ft. / min
75 m/min
246 ft. / min
Production typ of the pitchsideside
Axes- Feeding (1 Servo Motor)
- 2 x Spring diameter
- 2 x Cut
- 2 x Coiling Point
- Pitch (centre)
- Mandrel (vertical)
- Feeding (6 Servo Motors)
- 2 x Spring diameter
- 2 x Cut
- 2 x Coiling Point
- Pitch (centre)
- Mandrel (vertical)
- First Coil Bender*
- Mandrel Hiding*
Pressure control of feeding rollshydraulichydraulic
Vision/camera spring gage measuring
system SCPC available:
yes - more information
you can find here
yes - more information
you can find here
Standard tooling set (included in the
price) - covers the production
program for EN 10270-1 DH
Feeding rolls + Wire guides
+ Coiling pins + Pitch knives
+ Cuttting knives
Feeding rolls + Wire guides
+ Coiling pins + Pitch knives
+ Cuttting knives
Max. power consumption~ 90 kW~ 250 kW
Weight ca.~ 27.000 kg
~ 59,500 pound
~ 27.000 kg
~ 59,500 pound


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