Automatic servo controlled hydraulic spring lathe coilers WIM CNC are used for COLD production of right and left coiled cylindrical and one side conical compression, extension and torsion springs, different wire forms and double torsion springs (double torsion springs on request only – see also our LDT product line and DTL product line). Through the use of up to 5 controlled axis (4AX + 5AX system*) you can reach higher productivity and a lot of possibilities for production of different wire forms. The machine pulls in, coils and cuts completely automatically. The machine can be equipped also with WCS* wire catching system for the 1st coil. Through the use of WCS* you can produce completely automatically compression and extensions springs (without scrap). The HMI CNC control unit (available only on standard systems) is very user friendly and has a lot of possibilities. The new designed graphical SpringMaster software SM4 (available on 4AX and 5AX systems) is unique software specially designed by our team for use with WIM CNC machines. The software is „learning“ with each programmed spring or wire form. That means that with each next program the machine is more adapted to the operator in order to implement better his wishes. Additionally there is very nice feature of managing the made springs with an external backup option. The principle of this machine is: SET UP – START – WALK AWAY. * for details see the additional information on each specific product page

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