New WIM-14 CNC WCS 5AX lathe coiler and GRM-13 CNC grinder installed - Fortuna Federn

New year and new numerous installation in 2021 after very difficult and challenging pandemic 2020 year. We are proud that our very good client Bodrogolaszi Rugógyártó Kft. from Bodrogolaszi, Hungary (see has decided to use this pandemic time and invest and prepare for new upcoming challenges. With new equipment Bodrogolaszi Rugógyártó Kft has increased their production capacity and range to be even more competitive on the market and offer to their clients maximal quality and service.

New WIM-14 CNC WCS 5AX (see WIM CNC) and GRM-13 CNC (see GRM CNC) have now increased Bodrogolaszi Rugógyártó Kft. quite impressive machine park.