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DTL-R CNC full automatic double torsion spring coiling robot supported line up to 12 mm (.472”)


DTL-R CNC are fully automatic servo controlled CNC double torsion coiling machine. The machines are designed specially for the production of spring tines (double torsion springs) by one robotised line.
Using own developed new IPC CNC control unit with the 3D SpringDesigner software makes programming very user friendly and easy. New integrated adjustment options make the programming and operating on whole line comfortable and you can achieve desired repeatability and productivity.
Line can be equipped on demand with two coiling stations which will on customer demand increase the productivity up to 400 pieces/hour. Standard line with one coiling station reaches up to 200 pieces/hour.
The cost effectiveness is very good.

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Additional information

DTL_12 R CNC  
Wire diameter acc. to. EN 10270-1 DH ph6 - 12 mm
.236" - .472"
Spring OD diameter100 mm
Width between legs of U-form
adjustable by tooling
8 - 35 mm
.314” - 1.377”
Max. speed of wire feeding60 m/min
196 ft. / min
(on request faster)
Standard tooling set (included in the price)
covers production program for
EN 10270-1 DH ph
1 set of tooling acc. to
the client requirements
Max. power consumption~ 45 kW
Weight ca.10.000 kg
~ 22,000 pound